70% in the Kitchen, 30% Exercise


Nutrition plays a vital role in achieving your fitness goals. The benefits of exercise are well worth for your commitment to stay on track towards your goal of a great physique. Exercise helps attain a lean, muscular body for men or a well-toned, lithe body for women.

At the same time, it also helps to elevate their self-confidence and decrease depression, anxiety, as well as pain. For that reason, exercise is an integral part of our overall body transformation programme. But proper nutrition is just as essential for its contribution to keep you energetic.

Proper nutrition supports the achievement of your fitness goals by giving you the energy to work out and aiding your recovery after an intense exercise. It is why diet and supplements are part of Wellbeing Supps’s body transformation programme.

By being mindful of your diet, we can ensure your body has the nutrients that work together with exercise in delivering real fitness gains. Our clients work together with diet experts to receive the knowledge on how to change the way they eat.


Science-Based Nutrition Program

Wellbeing Supps follow a science-based nutrition program to complement our body transformation program. The best diet experts in our team created them, which includes both effective diet plans and effective supplements.

Diet 70%
Exercise​ 30%

Nutritious Diet Plan

Part of our science-based nutrition plan is a nutritious diet customised for every client, whether men or women. These are healthy diet plans developed to aid in weight loss, improve performance and support general fitness.

For people who exercise regularly, it is vital for proper health to ensure that one must have adequate protein. Your diet plan must include protein-rich foods from plant and animal sources, which when coupled with an ideal exercise regimen, promise you real fitness gains.

Besides protein, plenty of other foods can boost your performance. In fitness, carbohydrates are essential as one of the best types of foods to eat before and after your workout. When you eat them before exercise, you can have the needed energy for endurance.

On the other hand, eating them after a workout helps to maintain your cortisol or stress levels down. But you need to consume the right kind of carbs such as beans and whole wheat bread or your energy drops down. It’s why it is essential to learn about proper diet with an expert.

Included in our service is a customised diet plan to support your body transformation. We’ll conduct nutrition assessment, nutritional strategy, follow-ups and more, to ensure that your time with us is well worth.

Added Nutrients

It’s a fact that no matter how much you eat, your body often doesn’t receive the ideal amount of nutrients it needs. It’s where supplements come into play, which allows you to obtain the necessary nutrients to build muscle in a much easier way. Our supplements include – protein powders, protein bars, amino acids, creatine powder and vitamins.

When you take your supplements right and combine it with a good diet, they can even enhance your training. At Wellbeing Supps, we’ll provide you with safe and effective supplements to complement your training and ensure that you receive your expected results.

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