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Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Look Younger.

It is a challenge to transform your body to your ideal look and fit.

It can be incredibly hard to be motivated and to stay on track with your goals. But we accept the challenge.

Join Wellbeing Supps and become one of the many who already learnt the proper way to lose weight, get fit, and achieve the younger look they’ve always wanted. Transform your life with our knowledge, guidance, and support.

Our range of products to transform your body and help with your wellbeing goals include – protein powders, protein bars, amino acids, creatine powder and vitamins.

Wellbeing Supps provide a full progress report of your improvement based on your health and fitness goals.

This way, we can direct you to a specific direction that ensures your success.

This way, we can direct you to a specific direction that ensures your success.

What Can We Do for You?

At Wellbeing Supps, we will show you everything to know about improving your body composition. You will learn how to lose your body fat and transform your body to a toned, defined physique.

body confidence

helping you become self-assured

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Are you ready to learn how to combine exercise and wellbeing for increase weight loss and fitness?

Personal Training Services

When working with our personal trainers, expect to be motivated, trained, and supported in elevating your fitness routine. Wellbeing Supps work to help you exceed your expectations.

Our team of personal trainers and diet experts promise to deliver a real-world training experience. With us, clients work with personal trainers and diet experts as their coach, colleague, and teacher.

They work with you to achieve optimal health and fitness, providing tips, keeping you on track and motivated so that you can get the best results in as fast as 12 weeks.

We do this by utilising years of experience in personal training and knowledge about diet along with a state-of-the-art full fitness facility.

While some details of the plan are different for men and women, our goal remains the same – to help transform your body to your ideal physique.

Analysis of your Fitness Needs

In helping you achieve the ideal physique, we start by analysing your fitness needs. Our certified diet experts and personal trainers work to determine the specific fitness needs of your body. We’ll use what we can find to create a plan that will efficiently achieve your goals.

Customised Training Planning

Our personal trainers will then customise a training plan to realize your goals. We will create a training plan that doesn’t only meet your needs but also maximises the results. At the same time, we create a workout plan with a reduced chance of injuries.

Organised and Carefully Planned Workout

At Wellbeing Supps, you can work with personal trainers with a workout routine that has been organised and carefully planned right from the start. The entire program is coordinated from start to finish, so you can focus more on achieving your desired results.

Coaching from Expert Personal Trainers

During your training, a certified personal trainer who will ensure that each exercise is appropriately executed. With that, we can maximise the results while minimising the injury. With coaching, we can guarantee that you perform enough exercise that your body can take.

Managing Results and Achievements

Wellbeing Supps provide a full progress report of your improvement based on your health and fitness goals. This way, we can direct you to a specific direction that ensures your success. At the same time, we’ll take this opportunity to explain our methods and approaches.

The most significant advantage of working with Wellbeing Supps's personal trainers and diet experts is having a person directly responsible for your success. Our trainers' goal and responsibility is your success, and we take our job seriously.

The success of your business is the success of your health and fitness goals. With that, we make sure to have only the best personal trainers and diet experts in our team. They work together to create a plan and organise workouts that exceed your expectations.

Our prices


At Well Being Supps, we offer he most compeptive prices oln the market!

Fitness assessment£40.00
One-off fitness plan£70.00
One-off fitness plan and diet£120.00
Diet plan£90.00
6-week fitness plan – remote£180.00
12-week fitness plan – remote£270.00
6-week fitness plan and diet – remote£250.00
12-week fitness plan and diet – remote£300.00
Corporate workshops£200.00
One to one diet plan£175.00
30-minute skype consultation£110.00
Specific diet plans from£30.00

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